• Kindy Kids Bring Joy

    Kindy Kids Bring Joy

    Children from the Bellevue Heights ‘Montessori Kids’ kindergarten continue to bring joy to residents at Resthaven Bellevue Heights with their regular visits to the aged care home at 47 Eve Road, Bellevue Heights.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Susan Klus, says, ‘The students walk from their local kindy to meet with a group of around 40 residents in the hall, where everyone joins in a singalong and games.’

    ‘On a recent visit, the children encouraged residents to participate in a ball game, with lots of laughter and ball chasing by residents and children alike.’

    ‘Residents say the children make them feel young again.’

    ‘We are looking forward to sharing with the children on their next visit in October.’

    The feeling is certainly mutual, with Kindy Director, Sally Mooney, saying, ‘The children look forward to their regular visits to Resthaven Bellevue Heights, as they continue to build relationships with residents.’

    ‘The children are becoming more empathetic, with a better understanding of older people’s challenges.’

    ‘We are observing the children changing their focus from themselves to others.’

    ‘The pleasure and joy experienced on these visits is of great benefit to all.’

    This regular visit is just one of many intergenerational activities at Resthaven.

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