• Spring lambs visit the Friday Club

    Spring lambs visit the Friday Club

    Recently, the Resthaven Marion Community Services ‘Friday Club’ members were delighted to enjoy a visit from two five-week-old lambs from Freedom Hill, a not-for-profit animal sanctuary.

    Coordinator, Monika Lyckholm, says, ‘The lambs, Matilda and Delilah, had been rescued early in life, when one lamb was attacked by a fox at birth.’

    ‘They are both in the care of the Freedom Hill team, and will grow up and live their best life in the sanctuary, along with many other happy animals already living there – pigs, donkeys, cows, greyhounds, horses, and sheep.’

    ‘The lambs, who were dressed in warm coats and nappies, were a bit wary of their surroundings at first. However, they soon settled in, roaming our activity room freely.’

    ‘The lambs then rested on the laps of several clients, and were fed a bottle of warm milk.’

    ‘This is just one of the many enriching activities we have enjoyed at the Friday Club, which meets weekly at Resthaven Marion Community Services from 1 – 3.30pm.’

    ‘The activities are social, fun and educational, and clients tell us that they always leave feeling happy!’

    If you would like to join in the fun at the Friday Club, phone 8306 4400 to find out more.


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