• Leadership opportunities at Resthaven

    Leadership opportunities at Resthaven

    This International Women’s Day, we look to one of Resthaven’s female leaders, paving the way for other young women to progress their careers.

    Belinda Willshire recently took over the role of Manager Residential Services at Resthaven Leabrook, however, she is not new to the Resthaven family.

    ‘I worked as Care Coordinator at Resthaven Murray Bridge, for around three to four years.’

    ‘I had worked for various companies before, and this was the first time where I truly felt at home and genuinely supported and cared for by everyone around me.’

    Belinda reflects on her ambition to become a leader, and owes a lot of it to her female mentors over the years.

    ‘I have had incredible mentors at Resthaven; Jane Abbot and Debbie Lindner, among many others, inspired me to aim higher.’

    Belinda decided to take on a managerial role externally, but after a few years, she found her way back to Resthaven.

    ‘I was unsettled in my job at the time, and by chance, saw that a managerial role at Resthaven was available!’

    ‘It was the perfect opportunity for me to return to my Resthaven family, and they welcomed me back with open arms’.

    Although Belinda did not return to Resthaven Murray Bridge, she is already feeling back at home at Resthaven Leabrook.

    ‘It isn’t site-specific. Resthaven simply attracts positive and caring people to the organisation, and this shines through the happy residents and team dynamics I’ve experienced at both sites.’

    Belinda encourages anyone who wants to progress their career into a leadership role to go for it.

    ‘You must believe in yourself and your abilities, and at Resthaven, you will be encouraged to reach your full potential.’

    ‘The future of leadership is looking up for us.’

    CEO, Darren Birbeck, says, ‘Resthaven is committed to developing our staff, even if it risks them leaving us.’

    ‘In the end, if we create the right workplace culture and development opportunities, our good people will always want to return, and we love it when they do!’

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