• Donna Haar’s ‘life-changing’ career in aged care

    Donna Haar’s ‘life-changing’ career in aged care

    Resthaven Northern Community Services Coordinator, Donna Haar, loves what she does in aged care, however, she hasn’t always been in the sector.

    Donna explains, ‘15 years ago, my “office” looked slightly different!’

    ‘I worked as a factory supervisor in regional South Australia. I thought I would be doing that for my whole working life, but I needed a change.’

    After discovering a course that would change the trajectory of her life, Donna dove in headfirst.

    ‘All my three kids were in school at the time, so I was able to study my Certificate III in Aged Care during the day, while working the night shifts full-time.’

    ‘I did my four-week placement at Resthaven Craigmore, and it was here that I learned of Resthaven’s services in the community, which quickly became of interest to me.’

    In 2007, Donna completed her certificate, and applied to Resthaven Paradise Community Services—eager to explore the community side of aged care.

    ‘I thoroughly enjoyed working in clients’ homes. As a Home Support Worker, I met with the same clients each week, and was able to build strong connections, and I loved being able to see their progress.’

    With an interest to have more involvement in developing clients’ care and support plans, Donna moved up to Program Assistant, and then Coordinator at Resthaven Northern Community Services, where she has stayed.

    After 15 years with Resthaven, Donna reflects, ‘I came in wanting a career change, but I never thought this would be THE career change—it has been life-changing.’

    ‘I have made beautiful friendships over the years, and have even managed to support one client through my entire time with Resthaven.’

    ‘No matter your circumstances, there is something for everyone here—take it from me, you won’t turn back!’

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