• Local Art Brightens Murray Bridge Walls

    Local Art Brightens Murray Bridge Walls

    Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services has purchased seven pieces of art from local digital artist, Mark Richards, to display in their new offices at 37 Swanport Road.

    Mark, who is also a member of the Resthaven Murray Bridge Hills & Fleurieu Community Services Parkinson’s Support Group, was delighted to sell the seven pieces of digital art to the site – especially so because he can ‘visit’ them each fortnight when he attends the Parkinson’s ‘Gentle Moves for Active Ageing’ class.

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    ‘I’ve been creating digital art for the last ten years,’ says Mark, who was born in Mount Barker.

    ‘I was working and living in Sydney when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at just 37.’

    ‘I moved back to Murray Bridge, and started getting into photography.’

    ‘I’ve always been interested in photography, starting when I was a teenager with an instamatic camera. But I didn’t like film – having to wait to have it processed, only being able to take 24 shots at a time.’

    ‘I really love digital.’

    ‘Caroline [Tenny, Resthaven Occupational Therapist] knew I did photography, so when the offices opened here in mid-2018, she spoke with me about purchasing some of my pieces to brighten up the walls.’

    Caroline says, ‘Resthaven bought seven pieces in all, and they really do look great on the walls.’

    Mark’s work is a wonderful blend of real-life photography and digital effects, creating beautiful scenes.

    His work has featured in two major exhibitions at the Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery, and in SALA Exhibitions. In 2018, Mark won the Murray Bridge digital art prize.

    Mark, who manages his Parkinson’s with a range of wellness strategies, has been supported by Resthaven since 2015. He is a regular participant in the Parkinson’s Support Group, which meets fortnightly at the Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services ‘old school’ at 50 North Terrace, Port Elliot.

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    The Support Group sessions alternate with ‘Gentle Moves,’ and Mark describes both sessions as ‘great’.

    ‘I really like sharing the experience with the group,’ he says.

    ‘It’s as much the social aspect as anything.’

    Resthaven Community Services supports around 10,000 older people to live independently in their own homes across South Australia. Resthaven also provides high quality residential aged care at twelve metro and regional locations.

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