• Local children visit Resthaven Port Elliot

    ‘I just need to add more wrinkles!’

    Book Week FunWhat do you get when kids aged under 10 visit residents aged over 75?

    A lot of laughter from both sides, if the scenes at Resthaven Port Elliot this month are anything to go by!

    ‘Book Week 2016 (held in late August) marked the beginning of an intergenerational program at Resthaven Port Elliot, with local students visiting delighted residents,’ says Relieving Manager, Jane Abbot.

    reading‘Reception/Year 1 students visited us with their readers and library books. The students spent an hour reading to residents, and then residents read library books to them.’

    ‘It was a lot of fun – the students sent us a lovely “thank you” card, thanking residents for helping them to ‘”practice their reading and manners”.’

    ‘More intergenerational activities followed, with a visit from the year 2/3 students taking place in September, where students sketched pictures of residents.’

    ‘Residents were much amused by the children’s honest interpretations of older faces.’

    Portrait drawing‘After sketching a resident, one child said, “I’m almost finished – I just need to add a couple more wrinkles!”’

    Lifelong Port Elliot local, Bert Brittain, who has lived at Resthaven Port Elliot since it opened in 2015, adds, ‘The boy I was working with noticed spots on my face that I didn’t even know I had!’

    Another resident commented, ‘The three small boys I spoke with were so innocent and frank. They were so interested in my life at Resthaven. They were a joy to talk to. I shall look forward to another visit.’

    Other residents were quick to praise the children, commenting that they were ‘bright and happy,’ and ‘so respectful and well behaved.’

    Book Week Thank You CardJane says, ‘From late September, year 6/7 students began weekly visits to Resthaven Port Elliot, joining in on the site “active games”. This will continue for the remainder of the school term, and hopefully into term 4.’

    ‘Resthaven Port Elliot aims to give back to, and participate in, the local community, who have been so supportive since we opened.’

    ‘We look forward to fun times ahead!’

    Resthaven Port Elliot Manager, Pam Alde, is currently acting in the role of Senior Manager, Residential Services, at Resthaven Head Office, and will return to Resthaven Port Elliot in October.