• ‘Men on the Move’ take on Mt Lofty Summit

    ‘Men on the Move’ take on Mt Lofty Summit

    Resthaven Marion Community Services Therapy Assistant, Bruce Hocking, shares the ‘Men on the Move’s’ latest excursion to Mt Lofty Summit, organised by Social Group Coordinator, Monika Lyckholm.

    Bruce says, ‘On 28 April, with nine fellows boarding the Resthaven mini bus, and a few cars, the ‘Men on the Move’ proceeded to Mt Lofty via Blackwood and Crafers.’

    ‘There was some beautiful scenery along the way, with colourful autumn leaves on display.’

    ‘Arriving at Mt Lofty, everyone headed towards the summit lookout, which presented a great view on this clear, 28-degree day.’

    ‘The group identified many landmarks, such as, Adelaide City Centre, Adelaide Airport, the salt pans, St Kilda Mangroves, Glenelg and Morphettville Racecourse.’

    ‘This stirred up many memories of where the chaps grew up, where they hung out, and where they worked.’

    ‘At midday, we went to lunch at the Mt Lofty Summit Café. The large table we’d booked was right against the window, with stunning views.’

    ‘While we took in the great views of the Summit, we all enjoyed stimulating discussion amongst the group.’

    ‘Finally, returning home, the men disembarked and commented on what a nice day they’d had.’

    ‘This is one of the many services Resthaven offer that involve, heighten, and enrich the lives of the older people we support.’

    ‘It certainly rewards your day’s work when you receive terrific feedback from clients who have enjoyed their experience.’

    ‘This part of the job reminds me that everything you do makes a difference.’

    Thank you for sharing the ‘Men on the Move’s’ latest adventure with us, Bruce.

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