• A merry little Christmas across Resthaven

    A merry little Christmas across Resthaven

    This festive season, the entire Resthaven community put aside the challenges of the last few years and eagerly shared in the spirit of Christmas, with excitement for all that the new year will bring.

    In early December, the ‘Elves of Resthaven’ came out of hibernation at Resthaven Head Office and left on a week-long Christmas journey across Resthaven Community Services.

    Travelling far and wide across South Australia, the elves managed to take an ‘elfie’ at nearly every single site office!

    The Elves started with a ‘sea change’, visiting Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills & Fleurieu Community Services sites at Port Elliot, Victor Harbor, and Newland House, before finishing the day relaxing at Resthaven Chiton Retirement Living (pictured right).

    The next day, they headed to Goolwa, before popping into Murray Bridge and Strathalbyn, where they expanded their family with a baby elf!

    On their third day, the Elves of Resthaven were blessed with glorious sunny weather as they toured regional locations, starting with at Resthaven Limestone Coast Community Services at Naracoorte, before changing course to Resthaven Riverland Community Services in Berri.

    After a good night’s sleep, the Elves embarked on a long journey out north, visiting Resthaven Northern Community Services offices at Gawler and Elizabeth. After taking lots of ‘elfies’, they travelled south and settled in for the night at Resthaven Paradise and Eastern Community Services.

    On their fifth day, the Elves of Resthaven paid a special visit to clients at Resthaven Western Community Services on Woodville Road. Of course, after playing for a while, the naughty elves became stuck in the Christmas tree — breaking ‘elf and safety’ protocols! After a swift rescue, they joined clients for a fun Christmas activity (pictured left).

    Feeling refreshed after yesterday’s fun, the Elves of Resthaven decided it was time to visit Resthaven Community Respite Services’ cottages. First, they travelled (with baby in tow!) to Ridgway House at Westbourne Park, followed by Lane Cottages at Mitcham, before ending the day at Hersey Cottages in Marion.


    On their last day of travelling, the Elves of Resthaven spent the morning at Resthaven Marion Community Services, before their final stop at the home of Mr Wilfred Taylor (pictured right), Resthaven Onkaparinga Community Services client, to chat about his milestone 100th birthday!

    Feeling spent after a long week, the elves returned back home to Resthaven Head Office, where they will enjoy another long nap until next December.

    While the Elves were busy entertaining Resthaven Community Services, it was all happening in residential services, with all twelve Resthaven residential homes thrilled to play a part in Resthaven’s version of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ song.

    The traditional song lyrics had a change-up, inspired by the everyday experiences of residents of Resthaven homes and retirement living communities. Enjoy the video:

    On the first day of Christmas, Resthaven Mount Gambier gave to me… a mini bus in the country!

    On the second day of Christmas, Resthaven Port Elliot gave to me… two Santa’s helpers!

    On the third day of Christmas, Resthaven Westbourne Park gave to me… three carers caring!

    On the fourth day of Christmas, Resthaven Craigmore gave to me… four gardeners gardening!

    On the fifth day of Christmas, Resthaven Murray Bridge gave to me… five knitters knitting!

    On the sixth day of Christmas, Resthaven Paradise gave to me… six drummers drumming!

    On the seventh day of Christmas, Resthaven Aberfoyle Park gave to me… seven faces smiling!

    On the eighth day of Christmas, Resthaven Marion gave to me… eight crafters crafting!

    On the ninth day of Christmas, Resthaven Leabrook gave to me… nine tippers tipping!

    On the tenth day of Christmas, Resthaven Mitcham gave to me… ten snowflakes sparkling!

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, Resthaven Bellevue Heights gave to me… eleven travellers travelling!

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, Resthaven Malvern gave to me… twelve Christmas puddings!

    Thank you to all for sharing in our Christmas spirit this year! Have a safe and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.