• Mrs Grice celebrates independence at 100

    Mrs Grice celebrates independence at 100

    On 2 September, Mrs Marjorie Grice celebrates her 100th birthday with family, in the home she has resided in for half her centenarian tenure.

    Growing up in Botany Bay, Sydney, in a family of seven, Mrs Grice looks back on her fast-paced childhood.

    ‘My father was a truck driver, while my mother tended to the home. With five children, she was always running around, cooking, cleaning, and making sure we did not get into any strife.’

    At the age of 14, tragedy struck the family, leaving Mrs Grice with an important decision.

    ‘When my mum died, I picked up her role in the house. Someone had to keep the household together, and that someone was always going to be me.’

    ‘I was very good at it, particularly the cooking. I have always enjoyed it.’

    Two years later, Mrs Grice met her future husband—although she would not have believed it at the time.

    ‘A group of us went to the local dance, and my brother was keen on me meeting his friend, Harry.’

    ‘Well, my brother was not very happy with me when I turned him down! He must have known something I did not, because we ended up wonderfully happy until his late passing.’

    Mr and Mrs Grice Wedding Portrait
    Mr and Mrs Grice on their wedding day

    At the age of 18, Marjorie became Mrs Grice, marrying in their local Church of England.

    ‘A special moment I look back on was handing my bouquet to Harry’s grandma, Lou. She treated me like one of her own, so it was my honour to gift that to her.’

    After a few years of married life, the couple relocated to Adelaide, with their young son, Harry Jr. Later they welcomed their adoptive daughter, Susan.

    ‘I always wanted a daughter, and after a few long years, The Queen Victoria Hospital had a one-week-old baby who would come home with us—an absolute blessing in our lives.’

    Now, Mrs Grice continues to live in the home she and Harry purchased 50 years ago, receiving regular support from Susan, daughter-in-law, Carole, and Resthaven Western Community Services.

    ‘I am thankful for the support, and most importantly, my girls, who mean the world to me.’

    At the age of 100, Mrs Grice imparts her wisdom on the future generations:

    ‘Never underestimate a good night’s rest, eating healthy, non-processed foods, and staying away from alcohol.’

    Wise words indeed.

    Many happy returns, Mrs Grice!

    For more information about Resthaven Western Community Services, click here.

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