• Resthaven Murray Bridge Community Services relocate

    Resthaven Murray Bridge Community Services relocate

    It’s a new year and Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills and Fleurieu Community Services have moved into their brand new, purpose-built location at 37 Swanport Road, Murray Bridge, adjacent the residential aged care home.

    Emmet O’Donovan, Resthaven Manager, Buildings and Capital Projects, is pleased that the construction work at Murray Bridge is now complete. He says, ‘Construction Manager, Sarah Constructions, have completed both Resthaven residential and community services developments on Swanport Road, Murray Bridge.’

    ‘This is an exciting phase in the development of what is now a dedicated aged care precinct.’

    ‘The final stage of the major development was the $1.6m community services building adjacent the Resthaven Murray Bridge residential aged care home.’

    ‘This brings all services to the one location.’

    ‘The buildings look fantastic, and the new sculpture by Gerry McMahon, an Adelaide metalwork artist, is a real talking point.’

    Cecelia Oxborrow, Manager Community Services, says, ‘It is an exciting time, although at a very busy time of year! To celebrate, we will have a combined event on 18 January 2019.’

    ‘The new Community Services offices and activity areas are light and airy and provide a centralised office for all community activities at Murray Bridge, rather than the two previous premises on Adelaide Road.’

    ‘Resthaven now has a strong presence, from 37–53 Swanport Road, and the new buildings are quite a landmark.’

    ‘Resthaven has supported older people in the Murraylands since 1958, and this latest expansion reflects our strong commitment to continue long into the future.

    ‘With strong demand in the region, Resthaven Murray Bridge, Hills and Fleurieu Community Services extend throughout the whole region, supporting people living in their own homes.’

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