• Musical volunteers ‘good for the soul’, says Rev Cate Baker

    Musical volunteers ‘good for the soul’, says Rev Cate Baker

    It is no secret that music is good for the soul. Musical volunteers make waves as they share a familiar sensory comfort to the older people whom Resthaven supports.

    Coordinating Chaplain at Resthaven Paradise and Resthaven Leabrook, Rev Cate Baker, firsthand witnesses the benefits to residents that music brings.

    Cate elaborates, ‘Volunteers add so much to the Resthaven experience. Those who come to play the piano often bring more than just music.’

    ‘We currently have two volunteers who play hymns on the piano in the church services and Chaplain’s Chat each week: June Genders with Resthaven Leabrook, and Kathleen Creaser with Resthaven Paradise.’

    ‘June and Kathleen positively enhance the group experience for residents, where people can sing along at a comfortable pace,’ Cate says.

    ‘It is heart-warming to see residents engaged and interactive with the group, and they often leave the service looking forward to the next one!’

    The real benefit, however, is observed before and after each group gathering. Cate explains, ‘Volunteers play the piano before and after each service, creating an incredibly calming effect on residents who can feel restless whilst waiting for people to gather, or to be accompanied home to their rooms.’

    June and Kathleen spread joy across their respective Resthaven sites in many ways, including learning favourite hymns, and playing for older people living with dementia.

    ‘The atmosphere is transformed with the sound of the piano playing, and everyone is at peace while they hum to the music.’

    ‘Musical volunteers add so much to each service with their live music—it is good for the soul.’

    Resthaven is keen to hear from people who would like to share their varied talents by volunteering with Resthaven. To find out more about volunteering, call 8373 9036 or click here.

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