• New home for local rosellas

    New home for local rosellas

    Native birds and wildlife are a feature of everyday life for residents at Resthaven Bellevue Heights, which overlooks Sturt Gorge.

    To encourage the local rosellas to nest in the trees, Resthaven Carpenter, Nick Patelias, created a suite of wooden bird boxes for the rosellas at the Resthaven Bellevue Heights retirement living units.

    Jeannie Peace, Retirement Living Coordinator, says, ‘We all love the natural, bushland setting of Resthaven Bellevue Heights.’

    ‘However, the rosellas were getting a little too “big for their boots”, and were trying to nest in the roofs of the retirement living units!’

    ‘To encourage them to nest in the adjacent Sturt Gorge instead, we had the idea of setting up bird boxes in the nearby trees.’

    ‘At first, we purchased bird boxes from a pet store. Unfortunately, they fell apart as soon as it rained.’

    ‘Nick kindly offered to whip some up for us that were a little sturdier. As you can see, his wooden boxes are definitely more suitable for our hills weather!’

    ‘We will ensure that residents can still enjoy watching the birds, by placing the boxes in direct sight of the units, as many retirement living residents are keen bird watchers.’

    ‘We extend our sincere thanks to Nick for his hard work, and hope the birds like their new homes.’


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