• New Volunteer Role with Feathered Friends

    Resthaven Westbourne Park volunteer, Rosemary, is a ‘blessing,’ according to Lifestyle Coordinator, Verona Rix.

    She is also a welcome carer of the site birds, Mango, Frankie, Ruby and Smokey, who are chirpy in their clean and tidy home.

    ‘Rosemary loves animals and does a great job in helping out with the upkeep of the bird cage,’ says Verona.

    ‘Residents enjoy the company of their feathered friends, including a ride on a shoulder now and then.’

    Rosemary started volunteering at Resthaven Westbourne Park in February, and she is thoroughly enjoying her role.

    ‘I have found being a volunteer so rewarding, and feel like I am being appreciated,’ she says.

    ‘The residents I’ve met, and are still meeting, are so kind. We always greet each other with a smile or a “hello”.’

    ‘The staff are so kind and very helpful; I know if I need any help they are on hand.’

    ‘I always wanted to volunteer, but could never find the time, as I worked full time,’ she says.

    ‘When I gave up work in February this year, I decided to finally do voluntary work.’

    Rosemary volunteers at Westbourne Park


    ‘I want to give my time as much as I can.

    With Resthaven Westbourne Park just five minutes’ walk from Rosemary’s house, it seemed the perfect place to start. This is lucky, as Rosemary starts early to help with the birds.

    ‘I visit every Wednesday morning to clean the bird cages, then spend individual one on one time with residents,’ says Rosemary.

    ‘We go for a lovely early morning walk, which is often a beautiful part of the day, or visit the Recreation Hall to see what’s happening.’

    ‘I really enjoy our conversations together. It gives me a good feeling and I hope residents feel good too.’

    Verona is delighted that Rosemary chose to volunteer with Resthaven Westbourne Park, saying, ‘She is very caring and enthusiastic, and residents look forward to her visits.’

    ‘We are very lucky at Resthaven Westbourne Park to have volunteers like Rosemary.’

    Each year in May, Resthaven celebrates volunteers with High Teas across all areas. This year, the High Tea theme is ‘Threads of Life – a yarn starts with “Hello”’.

    Rosemary’s journey started with ‘Hello,’ and it is onwards and upwards from here.

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