• Resthaven staff are prepared

    The Resthaven staff team is adapting to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic whilst undertaking the essential services provided to older individuals every day. We are very proud of their outstanding commitment. Resthaven has a COVID-19 management group, which meets regularly, to monitor the current situation and review our plan. Our staff are committed to … Continued

    Free Flu Immunisations for Resthaven Staff

    Staff flu vaccinations commenced 1 April

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds the importance of protection of vulnerable older people from potentially deadly infections. Former Resthaven CEO, Richard Hearn, says, ‘I would like to reassure the public that Resthaven is monitoring advice at both federal and state government levels and is actively implementing changes as required. … Continued

    Cancellation of external events

    Former Resthaven CEO, Richard Hearn, reassures the public that Resthaven is taking important and significant measures to ensure the safety of the older people whom Resthaven supports, in the face of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. ‘A precaution we are taking is to postpone planned events and limit on site and external gatherings until further notice … Continued

    Humanity is the key

    The world is in a state of high anxiety as the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the globe in ever increasing intensity. It is easy to be swept up and lose perspective. Unfortunately, this unique situation generates an environment of anxiety and fear, whilst we need to remain calm and considered in everyday living. … Continued

    ‘Reablement’ – what does it mean?

    Bureaucrats love creating words. The assumption is that people will know what they mean. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is exploring solutions and models to improve the aged care sector. A suggestion is that care and support should focus on ‘wellness and reablement.’ So – what is ‘reablement’? The Government uses … Continued

    Board President recognises long serving CEO

    Today, Mark Porter, President of the Resthaven Board, said, ‘It is with genuine sadness and a sense of anticipation that I inform you Resthaven’s long serving Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hearn, has announced his intention to retire this year.’ ‘Richard has given thirty-four years of exemplary service to Resthaven, and the organisation’s success and standing … Continued

    It’s time. Resthaven CEO announces his retirement

    A note of appreciation to those in the service of others

    I very much appreciate the kind remarks that Resthaven Board President, Mark Porter, offered following my announcement today that I will retire from Resthaven in 2020. I commenced with Resthaven on 10th February 1986. It was a wonderful career move for me, and I subsequently became the CEO in 1994. Throughout my working life, I … Continued

    Quality of life

    Over summer, spending time with older friends and relatives may have identified that daily tasks are becoming more difficult for some. However, accepting they have a need can be difficult, despite evidence that suggests quality of life can improve with support. I always encourage older individuals I meet to be generous to themselves with respect … Continued

    It’s Resthaven’s 85th Birthday!

    In 2020, Resthaven celebrates 85 years of service, says former Resthaven CEO, Richard Hearn. ‘As we welcome in the new year, and new decade, we recognise Resthaven’s 85 years of working together with older people and their carers in South Australia,’ says Richard. ‘Over the years, many things have changed. However, our commitment to supporting … Continued

    Christmas Message from the CEO

    The festive season is an opportune time to make a connection with your local community. Take time to say ‘Hello’ to the people in your street. Reach out to neighbours, friends and family. I encourage everyone to be proactive in making contact with family members or significant others who may be frail, or less mobile, … Continued

    More action is needed

    On 31 October, the interim report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety confirmed the need for significant structural, financial and workforce reform. Three urgent recommended actions were to reduce the Home Care Package waitlist, minimise chemical restraint, and find alternative options for younger people with a disability in aged care. I add … Continued

    CEO Opinion: Interim Report into Aged Care Quality & Safety

    Resthaven CEO, Richard Hearn, shares his thoughts on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Interim Report.

    On Thursday 31 October, the Interim Report into Aged Care Quality and Safety by the Royal Commissioners was released. This interim report confirms the need for significant structural, financial and workforce reform in the aged care sector. We have been advocating for reform for years, acknowledging that appropriate resourcing is fundamental to a sustainable industry … Continued

    Diversity in Aged Care

    Diversity is a strong and celebrated aspect of our community. In aged care, as in all society, people may have particular needs because of their individual lived experiences, which can translate to special considerations and personal needs in relation to aged care services. Aspects of diversity to take into consideration include an individual’s cultural heritage; … Continued

    Raising awareness of dementia

    With the World Alzheimer’s Day on 21 September bringing a spotlight onto dementia, I discussed this topic with Stephen Harding, Resthaven’s Dementia Advanced Practice Nurse. It’s always good to have these open discussions and consider how one’s own life has been touched by dementia in some way. A dementia diagnosis is both challenging and confronting, … Continued

    Thanks to aged care workers

    ‘Today has been deemed, “Thank you for working in aged care day,” a day when we affirm the importance of working with older people who have a need that arises from a loss of capacity to sustain their quality of life in different ways,’ says former Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hearn. ‘I have great … Continued