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    Engagement of Older People with Consumer Directed Care

    Final report of the project “The Rise of the Consumer: Engagement of Older People with Consumer Directed Care’ ...

    The research team and reference group came together with invited guests to launch the final report of the project “The Rise of the Consumer: Engagement of Older People with Consumer Directed Care”, on Friday 15 June 2018. This project, funded through an Australian Research Centre grant, was conducted in partnership with research institutions University of … Continued

    Enhancing a Palliative Approach

    For more than five years, Resthaven has employed Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner (PCNP), Peter Jenkin, to support residents, clients, families and staff in advance care planning and end of life care. ‘Through Peter’s guidance, Resthaven staff have demonstrated a positive attitude to palliative care and the role they have in ensuring palliative and end of … Continued

    Brian informs Resthaven’s customer experience

    Residents such as Mr Brian Kennedy of Resthaven Leabrook are informing Resthaven’s customer experience research, which aims to find out what Resthaven customers want, and how Resthaven can deliver it to them. Having reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in his army days, followed by management roles in the SA Prison System, Mr Kennedy, is … Continued

    Resthaven and Monash University collaborate in Project PREVENT

    Project Prevent takes off!

    In 2018, having undertaken several successful research projects together since 2014, Resthaven and Monash University have embarked on another collaborative project. Tina Cooper, Executive Manager Residential Services, explains, ‘We are genuinely delighted to work together with the team from Monash to develop a clinical tool that aims to identify risk factors. Our goal is to … Continued

    Exercise Project Reaps Rewards at Resthaven Mount Gambier

    After a successful research project and trial, Resthaven Mount Gambier, at 24 Elizabeth Street, has introduced regular exercise sessions for residents conducted by staff from a local gym. The exercise research project undertaken at Resthaven Mount Gambier in partnership with Jetts Gym has yielded promising results. ‘Over the six week project, residents who participated in … Continued

    Multiple medication use ‘no impact on quality of life’

    Results of a new study into multiple medication use are now available. The research, conducted by Monash University, the University of Sydney, University of South Australia, was funded by Resthaven. Adding to previous research into multiple medication use in aged care, the findings of ‘Polypharmacy and medication regimen complexity as factors associated with staff informant … Continued

    Cross-cultural care program for aged care staff

    As part of the Multicultural Workforce Development (MCWD) Project, Resthaven, in conjunction with Flinders University and Anglicare SA, has produced a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC). The online course, developed by the project team, including  Lily Xiao and colleagues Eileen Willis, Ann Harrington, David Gillham, Anita De Bellis, Wendy Morey and Lesley Jeffers, was launched … Continued

    Resthaven funds research at Monash University

    On 10 March, Associate Professor Simon Bell and Dr Janet Sluggett from Monash University’s Centre for Medicine Use and Safety visited Resthaven’s Head Office to discuss a new research project to be funded by Resthaven Incorporated. The new research will extend previous research funded by the Resthaven Incorporated Dementia Research Award through Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia … Continued

    Research links multiple medications with hospitalisation

    A recently published research study funded via the Resthaven Incorporated Dementia Research Award through Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation links polypharmacy with hospitalisation. The study, ‘Polypharmacy and Medication Regimen Complexity as Risk Factors for Hospitalisation Among Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities’, was conducted by a multidisciplinary team including Associate Professor Simon Bell, Dr Janet Sluggett … Continued

    ‘My Home Life’ UK Academics visit Resthaven

    On 9 December 2016, Sarah Rhead, Executive Officer of the SA Innovation Hub, hosted a wrap up meeting at Resthaven Head Office, Wayville, with visiting academics, Professor Julienne Meyer CBE (Professor of Nursing: Care for Older People, City University of London) and Professor Belinda Dewar (Professor of Practice Improvement, University of the West of Scotland), … Continued

    Consumer Directed Care Survey

    UniSA, in partnership with Resthaven and other aged care organisations, is investigating the factors that influence people’s engagement with Consumer Directed Care (CDC). The project is called ‘Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project: The rise of the consumer: engagement of older people with Consumer Directed Care.’ In order to understand how the recent aged care … Continued

    Nurses in charge ‘wow’ guests at final presentations

    On 2 June, the first group of Nurses undertaking Resthaven’s Leadership Capability Development Program – In Charge Nurse officially graduated, with Resthaven Executives and Managers ‘blown away’ by their final reflections on their learning and development from the program. Silence Matenhire, a Registered Nurse at Resthaven Mitcham, had colleagues smiling and nodding as she recounted … Continued

    Corporate Leadership in the Community

    The South Australian Association of Gerontology conference is being held in Adelaide today. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘From the Ground Up’ and brings together professionals interested in caring and providing services for older people such as aged care service providers, policy makers, clinicians, researchers, students, and older people themselves. Resthaven is well … Continued