• Social group make strides in community garden project

    Social group make strides in community garden project

    On 1 February, Lizzy’s Community Garden Group at Resthaven Northern Community Services commenced at 16 Gillingham Road, Elizabeth 5112.

    Assistant Manager, Kelly Ainsworth, says, ‘After three weeks of planning, today was finally planting day!’

    Last week, the group met up at Bunnings for final plant selections.

    Client, Dawn, reminisced about the award-winning flowers she previously showed every year at the Royal Adelaide Show.

    ‘Dawn has not been able to work on a project of this scale for many years, and she was so excited to arrive early today, ready and eager for the morning ahead.’

    While the group has only just begun, they have already made great strides in the community garden.

    ‘So far, we have planted vegetables, herbs and companion flowers.’

    ‘Our raised garden beds are already full, and next, we will plant the seeds we collected from last year’s supermarket promotion.’

    ‘We have big plans for our gardening space at the Elizabeth office – it has so much potential.’

    The next step for the group is to fill the remaining garden bed.

    ‘There are endless hours of fun ahead for us here – stay tuned!’

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