• Nursing in the Community Week: ‘Incredibly Rewarding’

    Nursing in the Community Week: ‘Incredibly Rewarding’

    As one of South Australia’s largest aged care providers, Resthaven has an active presence in the community—proudly supporting more than 12,000 clients to continue living independently in their homes for longer.

    Resthaven Executive Manager Community Services, Sue McKechnie, says ‘It is very important to acknowledge and thank the 88 nurses working across Resthaven Community Services for the great work they do every day, especially during this “Nursing in the Community Week”’.

    ‘One outstanding nurse is Resthaven Onkaparinga Community Services Clinical Lead, Rachel Elliott.’

    Reflecting on her 25-year nursing career, Rachel says, ‘I started in the hospital space for the first five to six years of my career and learned quickly it was not the environment I wanted to work in long term.’

    Open to finding her next role, Rachel attended a local careers expo, discovering the world of community nursing.

    ‘I started working for a community nursing service and found a great deal of fulfillment in assisting people in their own homes, as that is where they are most comfortable.’

    Rachel’s interest in the community grew, and in 2020, she accepted a registered nursing position at Resthaven Onkaparinga Community Services, fostering long-term clients.

    ‘It is a privilege to be able to assist older people in their own homes, and they are genuinely thankful, as that is where they want to stay.’

    ‘We are seeing that older people have a better quality of life and are living longer because of it, which gives me a greater purpose in what I do.’

    Resthaven Marion Community Services Registered Nurse, Charles Hersey, shares a similar sentiment:

    ‘Community nursing is special to me, because I get to help clients stay in their home and live the lives that they want.’

    ‘It is incredibly rewarding seeing how impactful it is for them and their families. Having the opportunity to be a part of that type of care is amazing.’

    Sue says, ‘I am so very proud of the outstanding care and support that our teams provide to our clients and their carers. Thank you all.’


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