• Mrs Olga Hrvatin—the ‘tech whiz’ of Resthaven Westbourne Park

    Mrs Olga Hrvatin—the ‘tech whiz’ of Resthaven Westbourne Park

    Resthaven resident, Mrs Olga Hrvatin, is the ‘tech whiz’ of Resthaven Westbourne Park, using Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype to stay in touch with family and friends in Slovenia.

    Mrs Hrvatin was born in Slovenia on 5 August, 1935, to parents Anika and Joseph. Growing up, she was the middle child in a family of five.

    Mrs Hrvatin moved to Australia when she was 24 years old, where she reconnected with her family in Adelaide and lived with her uncle. Within a few years, she had met and married her husband. Together they had two children, a son, Boris, and a daughter, Lili.

    Despite moving to Adelaide at such a young age, Mrs Hrvatin continued to strongly identify with her Slovenian heritage. She joined the Slovenian Club Adelaide (est. 1957)—a community club that preserves and promotes the richness of Slovenian culture. Always an active club member, Mrs Hrvatin was also the Vice President for nine years.

    Her favourite memories with the club include hosting ‘Kranjski Friday’ on the first Friday of every month.

    ‘With my friends, I catered crusty bread rolls with Kranjski sausage and sauerkraut for everyone to enjoy,’ she says.

    Olga Hrvatin in her residence holding her mobile phone with laptop next to her

    Now, at 87, Mrs Hrvatin connects with her Slovenian community in a different way—technology!

    ‘When contacting family in Slovenia, I sometimes forget the time difference, and I wake them all up in the middle of the night!’ Mrs Hrvatin says.

    ‘I’m a bit of a slow coach, but I love talking with my friends.’

    In 2019, Mrs Hrvatin was formally recognised for her invaluable contribution to preserving the Slovenian identity in Australia and her activity in the Australian–Slovenian Skype community. She was awarded a Certificate of Recognition, signed by Mr Peter J. Cesnik, Minister for Slovenes Abroad, Government of the Republic of Slovenia (see image above).

    Since moving to Resthaven Westbourne Park two years ago, Mrs Hrvatin continues to maintain all her relationships with family and friends—whether online or in person!

    ‘Family and friends mean everything to me,’ she says.

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