• Piano Tuning Donation at Westbourne Park

    Piano Tuning Donation at Westbourne Park

    Piano tuning donation is music to the ears!

    In early March, Resthaven Westbourne Park was delighted to receive a $5,000 donation from the estate of the late Dr Neville Arthur to tune the site pianos, which were donated by the family several years ago.

    Manager, Pam Alde, says, ‘Dr Arthur’s parents, Mr and Mrs Ern and Joan Arthur, were both long-term residents at Resthaven Westbourne Park, moving in together in 1993.’

    ‘Joan passed away in 2003, Ern in 2012.’

    At Ern’s memorial service in 2012, Neville (pictured above, bottom left, with his father, Ern, in 2008) had said in his speech to the assembled crowd: ‘The importance of the role the piano plays in the life of aged care facilities cannot be estimated too highly.’

    ‘The piano is central to a variety of formal and informal activities, including concerts, services of worship, sing-alongs, dance groups, music therapy, and for the use of residents.’

    ‘As our father was the resident piano accompanist at Resthaven Westbourne Park for many years, we came to the view that a fitting way to acknowledge the care given to our parents would be to replace the site’s piano.’

    The family purchased one piano for the home, then a second after Ern’s death, using funds from his estate. As Neville said at the time, ‘It could be said that Ern and Joan Arthur donated one piano, and the family the other.’

    Pam says, ‘Now, after Neville’s death, the family continue to safeguard those same pianos, the latest being this donation on Neville’s behalf to ensure that they are serviced and tuned.’

    ‘Neville’s sister, Liz, and her husband, Malcolm, were delighted to present the donation to our Clerical Assistant, Angela Woltynski.’ (pictured above, top left)

    ‘Ange has been with Resthaven for 12 years, so knew Mr and Mrs Arthur well.’

    ‘Dr Arthur wanted to be remembered as a good bloke, as he certainly will be.’

    ‘Whilst Liz and Malcolm were here, they took the opportunity to have a site tour, and enjoyed seeing the changes to Resthaven Westbourne Park since their parents lived here.’

    ‘As they toured the home, many staff recognised them, and took the chance to say hello. It was wonderful to recall happy memories.’

    ‘Liz recalled how happy her parents were at Resthaven, and praised the care given by staff.’

    ‘We sincerely thank Neville and his family, not only for their generous donation, but for their contribution to our vibrant site community over many years.’

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