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    Resthaven Mitcham enjoying the gardenClick below to view our Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Care at Resthaven.

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    Contact our Accommodation Enquiries team on (08) 8373 9113 or email: accommodation@resthaven.asn.au.

    Resthaven’s residential care homes provide accommodation and support for older people who can no longer live at home, for a variety of reasons.

    As each person’s situation is different, please contact our Accommodation Enquiries team on (08) 8373 9113 for an obligation free chat.

    Aged care fees are subsidised by the Australian Government. However, as with all aged care services, you are expected to contribute to the cost of care if you can afford to do so.

    You won’t be denied accommodation if you can’t afford it.

    All accommodation payments are means tested, and will be one of the following:
    • NO COSTS. If your income and assets are below a certain amount, the Australian Government will pay your accommodation costs.
    • If you are required to pay part of the accommodation costs, the Australian Government will pay the rest.
    • You are required to pay the full cost of your accommodation.

    Click here to visit the Financial Information for Residential Care.

    Click here to view the Residential Care Fee Estimator page on My Aged Care.

    Resthaven will help you to apply in any way we can.

    Our Accommodation Enquiries team will provide you with information and support to ensure a smooth transition to residential care.

    Click here to find out how to apply

    Contact us on (08) 8373 9113, and we’ll facilitate your ACAT assessment with My Aged Care.

    Resthaven Residential Enquiry

    • Enquiring about employment? Please contact us via our careers page.

    The decision to move into residential care is usually brought on by a gradual or rapid change in your circumstances.

    There are many aspects to consider before moving into aged care.

    This can include location, priority and timeframes, which may be determined by circumstances.

    Our Accommodation Enquiries team will provide you with information and support to inform your enquiries about residential care.

    Contact us on (08) 8373 9113.

    You are welcome to  bring your own furniture, as long as it fits comfortably in your room.

    Resthaven can supply a limited amount of furniture if you require it.

    You may bring your own bed if it is single size with casters, but this will need to be discussed beforehand with the manager regarding safety needs.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate personal pets.


    Our sites undergo regular accreditation processes by the Australian Government body, the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

    You can view the most recent status of Resthaven facilities (and other organisations) with regard to the aged care standards at www.accreditation.org.au.

    All Resthaven homes offer regular tours.

    Please visit the Tours tab in each Care Home listing to contact the site to check dates and make a booking.

    Click here to check the tour dates

    We offer limited accommodation for couples.

    Please contact our Accommodation Enquiries team on (08) 8373 9113 to discuss your specific situation.

    The first step is to speak with the staff.

    The manager may be able to assist if necessary. We can arrange an interpreter for you if required.

    Next, you (or your advocate) should speak with a senior member of staff, the manager or coordinator.

    An alternative forum for open discussion is offered through the regular residents, clients and advisory committee meetings.

    Should you feel an issue or concern remains unresolved, write to the:

    Chief Executive Officer
    Resthaven Incorporated
    PO Box 327, Unley SA 5061
    Facsimile: (08) 8373 0976
    Telephone: (08) 8373 0211
    Email: headoffice@resthaven.asn.au

    You can also call Resthaven on (08) 8373 9000 during office hours, fill out a feedback form, titled, ‘We’d like to hear from you’ (available at all Resthaven locations), or contact us through the website.

    Visit our Feedback page

    We will respond as soon as possible, and inform you of how we are responding to your concerns. Please be assured that all matters will be treated with discretion. We respect your privacy, and will only use personal information for the primary purpose of responding to your issue.

    Reports relating to skin health and restraint are provided to the corporate Manager Residential Services and Care Coordinators, as well as to the corporate Quality Work Health Safety Committee, and the Board Governance Committee. Additionally, processes related to these clinical health areas are monitored through corporate audit processes.

    Weight loss is another issue that people may face as their bodies’ age.

    Resthaven has a number of procedures and processes in place to identify, monitor and manage any resident’s unplanned weight loss or gain, which may include referral to external allied health practitioners as required. Processes have been developed in consultation with the contracted Dietitian, and those related to management of residents’ unplanned weight loss are monitored through corporate audit processes.

    Resthaven Residential Enquiry

    • Enquiring about employment? Please contact us via our careers page.

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