• Resthaven 80th Anniversary Scholarship Success

    UniSA Scholarship ceremony -Wendy Morey with UniSA backgroundWendy Morey, Executive Manager, Workforce Development and Governance at Resthaven, says, ‘Resthaven supports thousands of older people and their carers every year. To be able to support them, it is essential to have a capable, skilled workforce, and this is one reason why Resthaven offers a number of scholarships at the three South Australian universities.’

    ‘Our support for the future workforce reflects our commitment to corporate social responsibility – it’s a way of engaging with and benefiting our community.’

    Recipients of the Resthaven 80th Anniversary Scholarships offered at the University of South Australia (UniSA) have expressed their gratitude for the support provided by Resthaven to complete their studies.

    Larisa (Physiotherapy) says that the Resthaven scholarship ‘helped immensely,’ enabling her to ‘work less, and spend more time studying.’

    ‘It has also allowed me to afford text books, and pay my student fees on time.’

    Another student, Molly (Occupational Therapy), says that the scholarship ‘opened doors for me –thanks to the scholarship, I was able to travel internationally for a placement in Cambodia.’

    ‘I really enjoy working with older populations, and I am passionate about providing more opportunities for older people to remain active and socially involved.’

    Annabel (Nursing) had a placement at Resthaven Mount Gambier, saying ‘I enjoyed my placement very much, and learned a lot about the aged care system.’

    ‘The scholarship gave me the opportunity to participate in extra courses and to purchase extra literature. I was able to extend my knowledge and become more successful in my studies.’

    Finally, Roni (Allied Health) says, ‘Thank you again for choosing me as a 2017 recipient of this scholarship.’

    ‘I believe in the equal worth of human beings, and that each one of us has the right to be have the opportunity to grow, expand, speak up and out, and have our concerns and wishes heard. Receiving this scholarship allowed me to attain the above.’

    UniSA Director of Advancement, Deborah Heithersay, says, ‘These scholarships provide invaluable financial support to our students, not only allowing them to excel in their studies, but also unlocking new opportunities for them.’

    ‘On behalf of the University of South Australia, I thank Resthaven very much for making a significant difference in the lives of students through your generosity and support of higher education.’

    Wendy says, ‘We are pleased that the Resthaven 80th Anniversary Scholarships are giving students an insight into working with older people and making a tangible difference.’

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