• Resthaven Turns 85

    Resthaven Turns 85

    The 11th of May was the day in 1935 that Resthaven was officially opened by Lady Isabel Kidman, wife of the prominent pastoralist, Sir Sidney Kidman.

    So it is that this year, Resthaven celebrates 85 years of working together with older people and their carers in South Australia.

    Richard Hearn Resthaven

    Over the years, many things have changed. However, our commitment to supporting older people and their carers has never wavered. We stay true to the original vision of our founders.

    During the Great Depression, in 1932, the Methodist Conference urged those present to think seriously about the plight of the poor and needy, in country and city, who had been stunned by drought and financial depression. Three years later, the new Home Mission, called “Rest Haven,” was established.

    The official opening of Resthaven was a joyous occasion at Wattle Street, Brighton, where the Rev John and Annie Pearce had put into practice the vision and had taken into care several elderly ladies.

    When we look at Resthaven in 2020, it is amazing to see what has grown out of that first initiative.

    The broader purpose of service to the community continues to flourish and remains Resthaven’s primary focus. As the South Australian community continues to grow and be enriched by so many people from different countries of birth, different cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs, Resthaven has embraced them.

    Today, Resthaven is a richly diverse South Australian community founded on the principles of inclusion and unity, embracing and respecting each person’s beliefs, culture, language, background, lifestyle, life experiences and values.

    We work with purpose to respond to and advocate for the broader needs of older individuals in providing the support they rightly deserve to receive and access when and if it is required.

    Resthaven’s workforce of around 2,500 employees and 500 volunteers support twelve residential aged care homes, six with co-located retirement living, as well as providing in-home care and support for around 10,000 people through our Community Services.

    Yet despite all the immense changes and developments experienced throughout Resthaven’s 85 year history, the essence of our mission has not changed. Resthaven continues to provide outstanding care and support to older South Australians and their carers.

    Richard Hearn
    Former Resthaven CEO