• What’s in a name?

    What’s in a name?

    Tomorrow, Resthaven’s 12th residential aged care home at 100 Hub Drive, Aberfoyle Park, will be officially opened and dedicated by the Moderator of the Uniting Church in South Australia, Rev Sue Ellis.

    The $30 million home, designed by Brown Falconer Architects, will accommodate 100 older people at capacity, and is named to reflect the local community.

    ‘The area names chosen for Resthaven Aberfoyle Park reflect the rich local history of our area,’ says Manager Residential Services, Mia Brooks.

    The area names chosen for Resthaven Aberfoyle Park are:

    • Almanda: Named after the first silver mine to be established in the district, in what is now Dorset Vale. Initially called the ‘Wheal Maria,’ the mine was later renamed ‘Almanda’.
    • Field: Named after the Field River, which is fed by the watercourses that run through the Aberfoyle Park area, including Minkarra, Homestead, Sauerbier and Education Creeks. Running to its outflow at Hallett Cove, the Field River has great cultural significance to the Kaurna people.
    • Minkarra: Named after Minkarra Creek, which feeds the larger Windebanks Creek. This creek runs through the Minkarra Recreation Park, which includes a walking trail, located on the outskirts of the reservoir catchment.
    • Homestead: Named after ‘The Homestead’ on Homestead Drive, a house built by local pioneer, Christian Sauerbier. His son, John, later changed his surname to Aberfoyle, after which Aberfoyle Park was named.

    Local artworks were also purchased for display throughout the home, to reflect the theme names chosen.

    Mia says, ‘We expect 100 invited guests to join us for the official site opening and dedication on Friday 12 October.’

    ‘Already at around 50% capacity, we are very excited to see this beautiful building evolve into a home.’

    To enquire about living at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park, phone Resthaven Accommodation Enquiries on 8373 9113 or email accommodation@resthaven.asn.au

    Tours of the site are held regularly. Phone reception to book into a tour on 8115 1600.

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