• Resthaven allocated additional 12 new Restorative Care Packages

    Resthaven allocated additional 12 new Restorative Care Packages

    New Packages to assist in Restoring Older People’s Lives

    Today, Resthaven was allocated twelve new Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) places in an announcement by the Minister for Senior Australians and Aged care, Ken Wyatt, AM.

    Richard Hearn, Chief Executive Officer, says, ‘On behalf of Resthaven, I am delighted that Resthaven has received these additional twelve Short Term Restorative Care places, with five to commence in the 2018-19 financial year, and seven in 2019-20. They will be based at Resthaven Northern Community Services (six) and Murray Bridge, Hills and Fleurieu Community Services (six).’

    ‘The allocation to Resthaven comes after having received a Commendation Award from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) at the 2018 Better Practice Awards, for Restoring Older People’s Lives through STRC.’

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    ‘The Better Practice Award for our commitment to innovation and high quality aged care services gives recognition to the great and sustained efforts of Resthaven staff and volunteers in their care and genuine relationships with the individuals who invite us to support their quality of life.’

    ‘The ‘Restoring Older People’s Lives’ project showcased how Resthaven designed and implemented a service model for the delivery of 17 new Short Term Restorative Care packages, led by Resthaven Marion Community Services.’

    ‘As implied by the name, Short Term Restorative Care is a limited time, early intervention program of flexible care, which aims to reverse or slow ‘functional decline’ in older people, and improve wellbeing.’

    ‘Short term restorative care offers intensive, goal-oriented, multidisciplinary and coordinated services over a short period to regain physical and emotional functional capacity.’

    ‘Another aim is to postpone the need for a higher level home care package or a move into a residential aged care home. The program has had excellent outcomes in this regard.’

    An evaluation of Resthaven’s STRC model in April 2018 found all consumers achieved improvements in their functional capacity, and 33% of consumers experienced a reduction in falls risk.

    ‘David, who has Parkinson’s disease, is a great example of how the program can assist. He regained sufficient strength and balance to go kayaking again!” (https://www.resthaven.asn.au/resthaven-reablement-success/ )

    Download the Short Term Restorative Care brochure to find out more.

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