• ‘The Shed’ is a favourite at Resthaven Community Respite

    ‘The Shed’ is a favourite at Resthaven Community Respite

    ‘Time out’ for carers takes many forms

    At first glance, ‘The Shed’ at 31/12 Township Road, Marion, is your typical, suburban shed, filled with tools, paint, sawdust, and the comforting smell of linseed oil.

    Yet, this shed plays a very special role in the lives of many older people, and the people who care for them.

    ‘The Shed’ is a much-loved addition to Resthaven’s Community Respite Services program, opening in 2010 and going from strength to strength ever since.

    “The Shed’ is a definite favourite amongst our guests,’ says Manager, Community Respite Services, Carole Matthews.

    ‘Whilst carers take a break from their caring role, the blokes spend time working on a range of great projects in ‘The Shed.”

    ‘These include making furniture, restoring old toys, painting, drilling, hammering, and gardening – all the things you would typically do in a shed, just with support from fully qualified Resthaven staff.’

    ‘Guests can go at their own pace, and work on whatever they like.’

    ‘They’re not just small projects, either. Earlier this year, a group of men fully restored and repainted hundreds of old wooden crosses for Anzac Day, in collaboration with a local school.’

    ‘We also grow seedlings for Trees for Life, and other community projects.’

    trees-for-life‘All this while their carers take some time to attend to their own wellbeing, otherwise known as respite.’

    ‘Caring for someone who is older and frail can be rewarding and enjoyable. However, it can also present carers with issues, such as physical and mental tiredness, losing contact with family and friends, or not being able to continue with work or leisure pursuits.’

    ‘Utilising respite services such as ‘The Shed’ means that carers can attend to these important needs, and stay well themselves.’

    “The Shed’ operates out of Hersey Cottages, one of our many comfortable respite cottages.’

    ‘There are others located at Resthaven activity and wellness centres across the metropolitan area, the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu, Riverland and Limestone Coast.’

    ‘They provide comfortable environments, meals and socialisation to your loved one, from just a few hours at home to up to a week.’

    Options for respite include in-home, small group and overnight respite. Residential respite is available at all of Resthaven’s aged care homes.’

    ‘We can assist people with the process for access to government-funded support and help them navigate the system. We’re here to help.’

    For details, call 8358 3173.

    Looking for community respite or services for carers? Call 8198 2060