• Resthaven go above and beyond in staff training

    Resthaven go above and beyond in staff training

    ‘Resthaven goes above and beyond in ensuring we provide ongoing training and extra support to all Resthaven staff, including Personal Care Assistants,’ says Resthaven Executive Manager Workforce Development and Governance.

    ‘We do this because we realise the importance of comprehensive training for each staff member in providing high-quality services to older people.’

    ‘Resthaven supports the future aged care workforce by offering tertiary scholarships, work placements and ongoing professional development.’

    ‘The selection process for new Personal Care Assistants has a focus not only on appropriate qualifications or experience, but also on the attitudes and behaviours necessary for working with older people and their carers.’

    ‘We check that any course studied by a new applicant is one delivered by a reputable Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and includes industry placement experience. We prefer face to face education in a classroom—not online.’

    ‘Similarly, we only offer work placements to students studying through a reputable RTO which offers a classroom environment where students can benefit from direct interaction with their lecturers.’

    ‘Upon commencement with Resthaven, new Personal Care Assistants are supported in many ways, including through a “buddy” program, where a more experienced employee is partnered with a new worker so they can learn routines, and familiarise themselves with the new work environment.’

    ‘They are encouraged to ask questions of other staff if they are unsure of their role, and there are a number of orientation checklists to assist everyone involved to work through the key points.’

    ‘Resthaven offers additional professional development during the year, including specific Personal Care Assistant Development Days, which aim to improve general knowledge specific to the role, and provide attendees with opportunity to connect into a wider range of topics relevant to aged care services.’

    ‘Recently, Resthaven’s new Advanced Practice Nurse Dementia and Mental Health, Stephen Harding, addressed the Personal Care Assistant Professional Development Day at Resthaven Head Office, to share his specialist knowledge to the group, and explain how their different roles work together for the benefit of residents.’

    ‘Resthaven is committed to ensuring our workforce is skilled and kept up to date through regular education and professional development.’

    ‘All employees undertake corporate induction, and annual mandatory training according to their roles. A wide range of relevant topics are covered including the importance of service culture, preventing and controlling infections, responding to emergencies and safe manual handling – to name just a few.’

    ‘Resthaven Dementia Services Advisor, Ann Victora, holds regular dementia education sessions for all employees, with around 1,100 undertaking this training last financial year.’

    ‘We also have extensive written resources for reference, and disseminate courses and materials that staff can access to improve their knowledge. For example, the free online dementia education modules available via Dementia Training Australia, at https://www.dta.com.au/location/online-course/.’

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