• The Resthaven Golden Girls

    The Resthaven Golden Girls

    Every week, the Resthaven Golden Girls enjoy lunch at a venue of their choice, with the support of Resthaven Community Respite Services.

    Golden GirlsAssistant Manager, Julian Sporne, says, ‘The group of nine Golden Girls go out to lunch each week, and they have a great time.’

    ‘They call themselves the “Golden Girls,” as they decided that they are “worth their weight in gold” – I couldn’t agree more!’

    ‘The group get together each Wednesday, visiting different lunch venues every week.’

    ‘The group decides which venues they would like to attend.’

    ‘Our community respite service for social support includes transportation to and from the venues.’

    ‘The “Golden Girls” have a lovely time together – check out those happy faces!’

    Look out for the “Golden Girls” at a lunch venue near you!


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