• Resthaven Leabrook artwork by Gerry McMahon

    Resthaven Leabrook artwork by Gerry McMahon

    Resthaven Leabrook artwork inspired by John Mellencamp

    If you are walking past Resthaven Leabrook, on the corner of Glynburn and Kensington Roads, be sure to take a moment to admire a new public artwork funded by Resthaven for the community to enjoy.

    Gerry McMahon, the artist responsible for this new public work of art at Resthaven Leabrook, has explained the inspiration behind the piece – and a 1995 song by John Mellencamp is at the heart of it.

    Gerry says, ‘In 1995, John Mellencamp wrote in his song, Rain on the Scarecrow, with the lyrics, “I grew up like my daddy did my grandpa cleared this land; when I was five I walked the fence while grandpa held my hand”.’

    ‘These lyrics connected with me, as I have fond memories of walking a fence with my dad holding my hand; in later years, I would do the same with my kids.’

    ‘This simple act is one most people can relate to.’

    Gerry explains that, ‘It is also a metaphor for the love and support shown to your young by older people as they support them, both on the wall, and in life.’

    The sculpture, commissioned by Resthaven as part of a $1.6m redevelopment of the residential aged care home, is the latest of many artworks created by Gerry for Resthaven. Others can be found at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park, Mitcham, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge, Port Elliot, and Head Office.

    Celebrating 85 years in 2020, Resthaven supports thousands of older people across South Australia through a range of high quality residential aged care, in-home community services, and retirement living.

    Resthaven Leabrook was opened in 1944, and is Resthaven’s oldest residential aged care home.

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