• Resthaven Malvern Volunteer Connection

    Resthaven Malvern Volunteer Connection

    When 21 year old Resthaven Malvern volunteer, Nic, sat down with 90 year old Marna, the two were delighted by how much they had in common.

    No surprise really, when you consider that both have a deep passion for helping others, which led them both to their volunteer roles.

    Marna volunteered with Resthaven Malvern for 25 years, running the site shop and driving the Resthaven bus, before moving in as a resident herself.

    Marna still volunteers, but now runs Bingo on Saturdays instead. ‘The Bingo crew are a lovely group of people,’ she says.

    ‘I give out chocolate eclairs as prizes—they’re very popular.’

    ‘It’s a happy couple of hours.’

    Nic also started out running Bingo at Resthaven Malvern in 2013, as part of his year 12 community service subject. ‘Bingo was awesome,’ he says.

    ‘I loved the residents’ enthusiasm—some got quite competitive!’

    Despite his keenness for Bingo, what Nic enjoyed most was visiting with residents.

    ‘I like to talk with residents, and listen to their stories,’ he says.

    ‘It’s just amazing to hear; they’re very wise, they’ve got a lot of knowledge to pass on.’

    ‘There are definitely some residents here who have been through a lot of things—like losing their kids, or husbands and wives…when we talk about those things, it can be quite intense.’

    ‘But they have such a good attitude about life anyway—talking with them really gives you perspective.’

    ‘I want to hear all about them. The visits are really enjoyable.’

    It looks like the feeling is mutual, Nic!

    Every year, Resthaven celebrates volunteers with ‘Thank You’ High Teas across all areas. This year, the High Tea theme is ‘Hats off to volunteers’.

    To volunteer with Resthaven, contact Volunteer Services via volunteer@resthaven.asn.au, or visit the website: www.resthaven.asn.au/volunteer.