• Resthaven Program Managers for Fred’s Van

    Resthaven Program Managers have donated hundreds of hand-decorated biscuits to charity, Fred’s Van.

    Earlier this month, as part of their annual conference, Resthaven Program Managers undertook a team building exercise to work together with purpose: creating something of benefit for others. In groups, they decorated a ‘domino set’ of biscuits, to donate to Fred’s Van. Biscuits Fred's Van

    The aim was to not only engage constructively together in teams, but to give back to the community through their work. At the completion of the exercise, around 200 decorated biscuits that had been packaged up in pairs, were given to ‘Fred’s Van’, a charity service of St Vincent de Paul, which supports people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

    Fred’s Van volunteers provide sandwiches and a fruit bag to those who come for something to eat at Gawler Place in the city. Around 75 people visited on Sunday night.Fred's Van volunteer biscuits

    The ‘domino decorated’ biscuits were given out and really appreciated. Fred’s Van volunteer, Chris Walsh, is pictured (left) handing out the biscuits.

    The biscuits were an extra delight for two children amongst the group that evening.

    Wendy Morey, Resthaven Executive Manager Workforce Development and Governance, says, ‘My thanks to the Resthaven Program Managers group for their team work in decorating and packaging up all those biscuits.’

    ‘It was a great exercise with the added delight of giving people in need an unexpected treat.’

    ‘This is an excellent example of Resthaven’s corporate leadership in the community, which forms part of our Strategic Plan.’

    ‘Resthaven demonstrates corporate social responsibility in many ways, including funding scholarships, research and grants.’