• Resthaven Marion Garden Features on Network Ten

    Resthaven Marion Garden Features on Network Ten

    Australia By Design: Landscapes

    At 3pm on Sunday 14 October 2018, Resthaven Marion’s architecturally designed gardens will feature on Network Ten’s new television series, ‘Australia By Design: Landscapes’. The program examines the different features of each landscape, and what is trying to be achieved.

    The episode, filmed in May 2018, at Resthaven Marion, showcases the Warrawee gardens, with appearances from Resthaven staff and residents.

    Tara Graham Cochrane, Director of DesignWELL Landscape Architects, was invited to participate in the six-part series, having won international design awards for her garden design work.

    Resthaven Marion Garden - bottlebrushTara was interviewed by fellow landscape architect, Sharon Mackay, for the program, and outlines the benefits of a purposefully designed garden for residents and their families.

    Tara explains, ‘This garden features aged care specific design detail, including sensory plants, raised garden beds, water features, carefully placed seating, curved paths and bird attracting, native plants.’

    The garden also creates a restful place for popular ‘spirituality in the garden’ sessions that are held regularly by the site chaplain, Rev Dr Bruce Grindlay.

    Resthaven has worked extensively with DesignWELL at several sites, including Resthaven Paradise, which won an award in 2016.

    If you miss this episode, you can watch ‘catch up’ episodes of the series on tenplay.com.au here.

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