• Resthaven Mitcham Stage 1 Handover

    Resthaven Mitcham Stage 1 Handover

    At the start of November, Stage 1 of Resthaven Mitcham’s redevelopment was officially ‘handed over’ to residents and staff.

    This part of the redevelopment at Resthaven Mitcham included the new ‘Lavender’ and ‘Jasmine’ areas. Together, these incorporate 35 single and four couple rooms, all with modern ensuites, lovely new lounge and dining areas, and newly landscaped external gardens.

    Other additions include new administration and staff rooms, and a new Main Hall.

    ‘The new areas look fantastic, and everyone is very excited,’ says Mandy Hutchinson, Manager Residential Services.

    ‘When residents moved into their new rooms, there was a clear feeling of anticipation in the air!’

    Entry to the site will return to Smith-Dorrien Street whilst Stage 2 is undertaken.

    Stage 2 will involve the demolition of older parts of the sites (‘Clement’ and ‘Crump’), construction of six additional rooms in the ‘Banksia’ area, and construction of a new entrance.

    Exciting times ahead!

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