• Resthaven Murray Bridge Redevelopment Progress

    Resthaven Murray Bridge Redevelopment Progress

    Resthaven Murray Bridge, at 53 Swanport Road, is being transformed!

    A major redevelopment is currently underway, as part of Resthaven’s objective to provide single rooms with ensuite bathrooms across all residential sites.

    The master plan for capital development includes refurbishment of residential sites to offer appropriate accommodation options that meet current and future customer expectations.

    Emmet O’Donovan, Resthaven Manager Buildings and Capital Projects, says, ’The $16.5 million Resthaven Murray Bridge redevelopment is progressing well.’

    ‘An 18 room extension was built as part of Stage 1. The new areas are extensions of ‘Annerley’ and ‘Riverview’. These areas are currently occupied by residents from Harrip and Homburg, while Stage 2 is underway.’

    ‘Residents report the new areas are bright and airy.’

    ‘Progress on Stage 2, refurbishment of Harrip and Homburg, is going to plan and this stage was completed on 19 December. Residents will now move out of the new areas and back into their rooms just in time for the Christmas lunch on 21 December!’

    ‘Temporary laundry, kitchen, cool room and freezer facilities are in position ready for the change over after Christmas.’

    ‘A new temporary reception will come into operation on 9th January with a new drop off point on Anerley Road.’

    ‘Stage 3 of the redevelopment will commence early in the new year. This work incorporates the construction of 20 new rooms to replace Talbot, Jenkins and Christopher. These areas are due to be demolished from 15 January.’

    ‘Residents currently occupying these areas will move into Annerley and Riverview.’

    ‘Stage 3 will also include construction of a new reception and administration area, a dedicated hall, café, hairdressing salon, shop and library.’

    ‘The site will look completely different and offer greatly improved communal areas, particularly having a multifunction hall that can accommodate all residents for special events and functions.’

    Resthaven Murray Bridge is home to 78 residents and was opened in 1958. Completion of the redevelopment in 2018 will coincide with the site’s 60th anniversary.

    ‘We’ll celebrate the site’s anniversary milestone in style!

    ‘In addition to the residential redevelopment, plans have been approved for Resthaven Murray Bridge and Hills Community Services to have new, purpose built facilities next door to the aged care home, moving from Adelaide Road when construction is complete.’

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