• Resthaven Murray Bridge Sculpture by Gerry McMahon

    Resthaven Murray Bridge Sculpture by Gerry McMahon

    Sculpture depicts ‘youthful quality within us all’

    A custom built sculpture commissioned by Resthaven, and handcrafted by South Australian artist, Gerry McMahon, now greets visitors at the entrance of Resthaven Murray Bridge, at 53 Swanport Road.

    The sculpture, titled ‘Dream on Flight,’ is described by Gerry as a: ‘Sculptural snapshot of a child, grandmother and pelican, set on a plinth design to represent a wharf, a reference to the river side lifestyle of Murray Bridge.’

    ‘The work is a celebration, a connection between different generations, both young and old, to nature.’

    ‘It depicts the embracing of life and the youthful quality within everyone, which never leaves us.’

    ‘The statue shows a young child seeing a pelican about to take flight, and raising their arm, pretending to fly as well.’

    ‘Grandmother looks on and remembers her youth, many years ago now; she also raises her arms to join in the child’s play.’

    Manager Residential Services, Debbie Lindner, says, ‘Our lovely sculpture is a beautiful feature of the gardens, sitting proudly at our entrance, welcoming visitors to the home.’

    ‘It is a beautiful finishing touch to our recent $16.5m redevelopment, which saw the streetscape of our home completely transformed.’

    ‘The redevelopment also included a new main entrance, new single room accommodation with private ensuites, a brand new hall, café area, lounges, courtyard gardens, a new hairdressing salon, kitchen, laundry, and staff offices.’

    Resthaven commissioned sculptures by Gerry at several other Resthaven homes, including Mitcham, Port Elliot, Mount Gambier, and Aberfoyle Park, all with an ‘intergenerational’ theme. The aim is to share them with the general public to encourage engagement.

    ‘Gerry’s sculptures always generate much admiration and interest within Resthaven and the community,’ says Debbie, ‘and this is no exception.’

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