• Resthaven Paradise redevelopment: local koala approved

    Resthaven Paradise redevelopment: local koala approved

    A local koala was so impressed with the recent refurbishment at Resthaven Paradise, at 61 Silkes Road, Paradise, that he tried to move in!

    Manager, Belle Kerr, says, ‘One of our many site koalas had kept an eye on proceedings throughout the works, from the safety of one of many gum trees dotted around the site.’

    ‘When a new automatic door was installed from the new lounge area into the gardens, he saw his chance for a private inspection, and wandered in!’

    Lifestyle Assistant, James Bevan, says, ‘He had been watching the site refurbishment with great interest over the last six months.’

    ‘I think I even heard him mumble, “I’m the top bear for the job,” in between mouthfuls of gum leaves.’

    Manager Residential Services, Belle Kerr, continues, ‘I’m sure that the site upgrades have the approval of all our local koalas.’

    ‘We upgraded resident rooms and common areas, improved resident access, and created a new undercover gopher storage area and an outdoor seating area.’

    ‘However, my favourite improvement is the family space in the rose garden, which includes a barbeque area with shade sail, outdoor furniture, and a ‘hide and seek’ garden. Here, you might find statues of ducks, meerkats, or even an echidna.’

    ‘As the garden grows, the little animal statues will become part of a “hide and seek” game.’

    ‘For energetic children, there is a chalkboard and a hopscotch path.’

    ‘This has all taken place under the watchful eye of our koala, who sits in his gum tree making sure everyone is where they’re meant to be!’

    With its location right next to the Torrens Linear Park, the grounds of Resthaven Paradise are home to plenty of local fauna, including koalas, magpies, ducks, ibis and colourful rosellas.

    Resthaven Paradise is just one of Resthaven’s twelve residential aged care homes across metropolitan Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Port Elliot and Mount Gambier. Co-located with a wellness centre, retirement living and community services offices, the site offers the full range of aged care supports.

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