• Resthaven Paradise Spring Flower Show

    Resthaven Paradise Spring Flower Show

    With spring flowers in full bloom, it is an ideal time to host the annual Resthaven Paradise Spring Flower Show.

    This year, an array of beautiful flowers were on show at Resthaven Paradise on 23 October, featuring many blooms grown on site.

    ‘The flowers at this year’s Spring Flower Show are almost exclusively from our site gardens,’ says Manager, Residential Services, Belle Kerr.

    ‘Our gardens produce an amazing floral display at this time of year, and our residents love to see them on display.’

    ‘We set up hundreds of bunches of flowers in the main hall, and the sweet perfumes enticed residents to come in for a look.’

    ‘Residents enjoyed not just the sights and smells of the flowers, but also reminiscing about the flowers from their childhood, and the special memories that these sensory experiences bring with them.’

    ‘We are so proud of our beautiful gardens, and our annual Spring Flower Show is a great way of showcasing the blooms they produce for everyone to enjoy.’