• Resthaven Westbourne Park rallies for Paul the Koala

    Resthaven Westbourne Park rallies for Paul the Koala

    On Friday 17 January, Resthaven Westbourne Park residents, volunteers, staff and visitors rallied together to raise funds to support Paul, a koala rescued in the recent bushfires, and others affected by this tragedy that has affected so much of Australia.

    Pamela Alde, Manager of Resthaven Westbourne Park, explains, ‘Paul is a young male koala. He was the first live koala to be found at the Crestwood/Lake Innes Nature Reserve in New South Wales fire ground.

    ‘The Koala Hospital tells us that Paul was found curled up on the burnt ground by a member of the public who brought him to the Koala Hospital.

    ‘Paul was severely dehydrated and had suffered burns to his hands and feet. This usually occurs when a koala climbs down the trunk of a burning tree. More than 90% of Paul’s fur is singed.

    ‘Resthaven Westbourne Park adopted Paul, and the recent news from the koala hospital is that he is alive and recovering well.

    ‘We continue to keep up to date on Paul’s progress, and more information will arrive in the post soon.’

    ‘However, with more fires affecting so many parts of Australia, we wanted to do more.

    ‘This morning, our fundraising morning tea was extremely successful. I am so pleased to announce that we raised a total of $1141.85, which has been sent to the Kangaroo Island Mayor’s Bushfire Recovery Fund.’

    ‘Thank you to everyone for their generosity and thoughts for others.’

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