• Retirement Living Options

    Retirement Living Options

    Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Darren Birbeck, says, ‘If you are getting older and considering retirement living, moving to a home that is low-maintenance, safe, secure, with support to remain independent if needed, may be a great option.’

    ‘Resthaven offers retirement living at six locations, all co-located on site with a residential aged care home. This offers the opportunity of moving into residential care, should declining health require additional care and services over time.’

    Health considerations were an important factor for Resthaven Bellevue Heights retirement living residents, Mr and Mrs Norm and Jan Watt. Jan says, ‘I had a heart scare in 2011, so we knew we had to think about what will happen in our older years.’

    ‘We needed to feel secure and independent, and didn’t want to have to be dependent on our families.

    Norm adds, ‘The older you get, the harder it is to move.’

    This is an important consideration, as Darren explains: ‘Living in a retirement community gives peace of mind, having neighbours with similar interests and activities builds a feeling of safety and security, while maintaining independence.’

    ‘This has been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, as people see the benefit of living in a community environment where they are not socially isolated and alone.’

    Mr and Mrs Watt certainly agree. Jan says, ‘The people here are so friendly, and we have that sense of security.’

    ‘We know if we have a problem we only have to speak up and it’s taken care of.’

    ‘Moving here was the best thing we ever did.’

    For more information about the range of retirement living options available at Resthaven, visit https://www.resthaven.asn.au/retirement-living-units/

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