• Santa’s surprise visit to Resthaven Marion

    Santa’s surprise visit to Resthaven Marion

    Bunnings elves and Santa wave goodbye

    On 17 December, Santa took a break from his duties at the local garden centre to visit residents at Resthaven Marion, at 10 Township Road.

    It was quite warm, so he had to catch his breath before heading inside to visit the residents, with several elves to help.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Karen Neighbour, says, ‘It was a fun visit that everyone enjoyed.’

    ‘It came about because we have formed quite a partnership with our local Bunnings, and we are regular visitors to the garden centre, where residents are always warmly welcomed.’

    ‘Bunnings staff prepare craft and garden activities for our group – they are so lovely, and can’t do enough for us.’

    ‘This time, the tables were turned, with them visiting us!’

    ‘Almost 80 residents from across the home joined in the fun with Santa and his helper elves.’

    ‘There were gifts galore, and plenty of smiles and festive cheer as Santa visited each and everyone.’

    ‘Some of the Bunnings staff had made a special wooden memory box for us to put all our photos from the day in – what a thoughtful idea!’

    ‘However, one of the best stories to come out of the day was when one of the Bunnings staff members recognised one of our residents, who she hadn’t seen for 30 years. There were tears all round and lots of hugs.’

    ‘As the group were leaving, they mentioned that the Easter Bunny will be coming to visit us in April – we can’t wait!’