• Social group at Northern Community Services

    Social group at Northern Community Services

    Family Connections at Northern Community Services

    On 11 March, the Resthaven Northern Community Services social group delved into their family histories – with a ‘social connections’ twist!

    Manager, Karen Hammond, says, ‘We started the day with our usual gentle exercise class, led by Home Support Worker, Lesley.’

    ‘After this, it was time for our activity of the day, which, this week, was an exploration of each other’s names and family histories.’

    ‘Each client was presented with a sheet explaining the meaning of their first name.’

    ‘Clients enjoyed reminiscing about family, school, and love.’

    ‘Everyone had a laugh about the various nicknames – both good and bad – that we all had to suffer.’

    ‘It was a lovely way to break the ice, and allow friends to get to know each other a little more.’

    ‘Two group members, Barbara and Dawn (already fast friends), discovered that, not only did both their grandparents come from Cornwall, but that they lived in the same town in Australia, where they worked in the mines. They even enjoyed their tea made in the same way!’

    ‘Another client, Tom, traced a long line of “Toms” back to the early 1800s in Scotland.’

    ‘He brought along some family memorabilia for everyone to have a look at – he’s a proud Scot through and through.’

    ‘Thank you to the Resthaven Northern Community Services social group for sharing their stories.’

    Resthaven Northern Community Services, at 16 Gillingham Road, Elizabeth, supports older people to live independently in their own homes through a range of in-home support, centre-based activities, and therapy services.

    In response to demand, a second Community Services office opened at 5 King Street, Gawler, in late 2020.

    Resthaven Community Services support older people to live independently across metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, Riverland, Barossa, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Limestone Coast. To find out more, phone 1300 13 66 33.