• An ‘extra special’ Resthaven Marion Show Day

    An ‘extra special’ Resthaven Marion Show Day

    In early October, the Resthaven Marion residential site community celebrated their biennial ‘Show Day’.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Tamara Jacquier, says, ‘The Royal Adelaide Show was finally back this year, and so was ours!’

    ‘We usually celebrate our Show Day every two years, but we had to cancel the 2020 event due to COVID-19,’ Tamara explains.

    ‘This was the first Show Day in four years, making it an extra special occasion!’

    ‘Residents enjoyed meeting the animals from Farmer Darcy’s travelling farm, tried their luck at the sideshow games, and ate delicious ice cream.’

    ‘They were entertained by the antics of our resident clown, Lifestyle Assistant Jane Juckers.’

    ‘Fortunately, the weather was perfectly sunny for the entire day.’

    ‘There were tables set up outside, and many residents took advantage of the sunshine as they enjoyed their afternoon tea.’

    ‘We were also visited by a very stylish Chevrolet hot rod thanks to Rob, the partner of one of our staff members.’

    ‘Residents loved admiring the classic car, with many taking turns sitting in the front seat or having their picture taken!’

    ‘Another highlight of the day was the fairy floss machine, which was a major hit among residents.’

    ‘Many reminisced about their childhood days while enjoying the sugary treat, and there were certainly a lot of funny looks as it melted in their mouth!’

    ‘At the end of the day, residents received a must-have Show Day staple — a show bag full of goodies, of course!’

    ‘The day was lots of fun for our whole site community.’

    ‘Thank you to everyone who participated. We look forward to doing it again in 2024!’

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