• Dementia Care

    Supporting people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and related disorders

    Image saying "Dementia is a reason to stop, reflect and be present in a busy world.Resthaven understands the needs of those living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other related disorders.

    Cognitive and mental health care encompass all aspects of life: intellectual, social, cultural, and spiritual.

    As we age, the risk of developing cognitive disorders such as dementia increases. Resthaven works with the person living with dementia to deliver appropriate care. We also aim to provide support to families to assist them in understanding changes associated with dementia.

    ‘Dementia is a progressive condition that leads to reduced life expectancy. However, time from diagnosis to death is highly variable. Survival time is affected by age, sex, dementia type and severity at diagnosis, among other factors.’ (Brodaty et al. 2012).

    All Resthaven residential aged care homes offer secure, welcoming, specifically designed accommodation and respite and support programs for people living with dementia. Our staff are trained in how best to support people living with memory loss and confusion and to offer support to their family members.

    Not everyone with a cognitive or a mental disorder requires specialist mental health services. For many, their care needs can be met by community and personal resources, and the support of primary health care services. However, Resthaven is one of only a very few aged care providers in Australia to employ an advanced practice nurse, as well as a dementia educator, to provide specialist support to assist care staff when there are complex clinical and psychosocial needs.

    We demonstrate our commitment to best practice in dementia care by providing specific training for staff.

    Specific features and programs include:

    • Lifestyle programs tailored to individual interests and capabilities
    • ‘Music Connections’ – a memory enhancement program
    • Award-winning architecturally designed sensory gardens
    • Memory support units with quiet, reflective spaces
    • Secure living environments
    • Making Minds Matter (A Cognitive Stimulation Therapy program).

    Read more about Making Minds Matter by clicking here

    About Dementia

    Dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing.

    It affects the brain, thinking, behaviour and ability to undertake daily tasks and social interaction. Dementia is a significant and growing health and aged care issue in Australia that has a substantial impact on the health and quality of life of people with the condition, as well as for their family and friends, community, and society.

    People with dementia have:

    • a right to personal and environmental safety, legal and financial protection, intimacy, social interaction, preservation of dignity and a creative, fulfilling lifestyle which recognises their spiritual needs
    • contributed significantly to their community and family during their lives, and should remain an esteemed member of society.


    Living with Dementia

    Resthaven offers a wide range of programs and activities that are appropriate for people with dementia

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    Dementia-related Resources

    External resources

    Resthaven continually seeks out or develops resources to support those with dementia, their families, and carers.

    Some of the resources available are:

    Resthaven dementia-specific publications

    Click here to view Resthaven’s dementia-specific publications and resources

    Other resources are available from our Publications page.

    Resthaven Port Elliot Dementia Garden

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