• Resthaven talks Parkinson’s Disease

    Resthaven talks Parkinson’s Disease

    April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month – which provides a timely reminder about the importance of acknowledging and educating others about the disease.

    Resthaven is offering information sessions to educate staff, residents and clients alike.

    ‘This is the perfect time to educate and reiterate the correct information surrounding the disease, Julie Tansing, Clinical Nurse Workforce Development says.

    Julie promotes the importance of education, not only for staff but for the clients and residents who are most affected by the disease.

    ‘It is just as important to inform older people about Parkinson’s Disease as it is to inform the staff.’

    According to Parkinson’s Australia, 90% of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease are older than 50 years of age – meaning that the risk increases with age.

    ‘Even if they do not have it themselves, many people will be affected in some way, through friends or family’.

    ‘Knowledge gives us power and the ability to understand those around us – and that is what we are aiming to do this year during Parkinson’s Awareness Month.’

    ‘Our programs are designed to fill an important gap – and we are excited to share what we know.’

    Julie will conduct education sessions for staff, residents and clients in April via zoom or face to face, with ongoing education throughout the year.

    To learn more about Parkinson’s Disease and understanding those who are affected, please visit the Parkinson’s website: www.parkinsonssa.org.au.

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