• Teddy Bears’ Picnic at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

    Teddy Bears’ Picnic at Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

    On 26 July, Resthaven Aberfoyle Park at 100 Hub Drive, Aberfoyle Park, held their annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic, with many fluffy plus-ones in attendance.

    After weeks of preparing hand-crafted decorations by residents, staff and volunteers, the site was ready for a whimsical afternoon tea.

    Lifestyle Coordinator, Navneet Kaur, says, ‘Our Lifestyle team are always looking for fun ideas to engage residents, and our annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic is always a big hit!’

    ‘Many of the bears have been hand-knitted by residents, and so there were many proud conversations on knitting abilities and procedures.’

    Residents enjoyed showcasing their fluffy companions to the group, whilst enjoying a high tea of delicious sandwiches and cakes.

    ‘In the spirit of our theme, we presented a short film on teddy bear history, and we of course played the famous 1907 song, ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’.’

    ‘Residents really loved it, commenting on their excitement to bring along a new bear to next year’s event!’

    For more information about Resthaven Aberfoyle Park, click here.

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