• Thanks to aged care workers

    Thanks to aged care workers

    ‘Today has been deemed, “Thank you for working in aged care day,” a day when we affirm the importance of working with older people who have a need that arises from a loss of capacity to sustain their quality of life in different ways,’ says former Resthaven Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hearn.

    ‘I have great respect and gratitude for those thousands of people who choose to work in aged care. It is meaningful and fulfilling work with a sense of purpose.

    ‘Aged care offers a valuable and personally rewarding career choice with high demand and many interesting and challenging opportunities.’

    ‘I think about the critically important, good work of the personal carers, home support workers, nurses, health professionals, lifestyle staff, cooks, hospitality and housekeeping staff, administration, maintenance and other workers who support individuals with their particular needs each day.

    ‘I also affirm the continuing, valued contributions and roles that people in their 70s, 80s and 90s make to their communities and families, and as carers of others in the community.’

    ‘They make a real and tangible difference in everyday lives.

    ‘Working in aged care has a lot to do with personal values – values that reflect genuine relationships in the care and service for the benefit of others.

    ‘Genuinely caring individuals have values that typically exude:

    • Trust – doing the right thing and being responsible
    • Dignity – respecting the individual and valuing diversity; and
    • Choice – listening and supporting individual preferences.’

    ‘These are Resthaven’s values, and we aim to employ people who share them.

    ‘I believe that it is very important for the community to value and appreciate the people who work in aged care. It is meaningful work that deserves positive acknowledgment.

    ‘Today, and every day, I thank all those who choose to work in aged care. I salute you!’

    Resthaven’s workforce of 2500 supports older people and their carers throughout metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia.