• Unley Legends 2 hits the Big Screen

    Unley Legends 2 hits the Big Screen

    On 17 October, Resthaven Malvern residents and volunteers were delighted to attend the launch of ‘Unley Legends II: Age is a celebration’, a joint project of the City of Unley and Resthaven.

    The event was the City of Unley’s participation in COTA SA’s ‘Zest Fest’ festival.

    The short film showcasing positive images of ageing was screened to a full house at the Capri Theatre in Goodwood. The series of short vignettes showcased eight inspiring, everyday ‘legends’ of the Unley community.

    Two City of Unley residents featured in the film were Resthaven Malvern resident, Mrs Bernice Roberts, aged 100, and Liz Scarce, a long serving Resthaven Malvern volunteer.

    Both Bernice and Liz, along with fellow Resthaven residents and staff who appeared in the films, were in the audience. ‘It was very exciting, seeing yourself on the big screen!’ said Mrs Roberts.

    Following the launch, guests were treated to a free movie screening of the new Australian movie, ‘Ladies in Black’.

    The City of Unley and Resthaven first partnered to produce ‘Unley Legends I’ in 2017. The resulting videos are featured on Resthaven’s You Tube channel.

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    Resthaven is a natural partner for the City of Unley’s ‘Active Ageing’ strategy, which contributes to its recognition as an ‘Age Friendly City’.

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