• Valentines celebrate 66th wedding anniversary

    Valentines celebrate 66th wedding anniversary

    On 7 January, 66 years ago, Resthaven Craigmore couple married at Eastwood Methodist Church, now known as Eastwood Community Centre.

    Mr and Mrs Ron and Joyce Jeffree on their wedding day 66 years agoMr and Mrs Ron and Joyce Jeffree met through a casual ‘set-up’ when Ron was 20 and Joyce was 16 years of age.

    Ron says, ‘I was getting picked up by a friend and his girl, and I noticed Joyce sitting quietly in the back.’

    ‘We didn’t drive long before I became fond of her.’

    Before Joyce could get out of the car, Ron asked her to the movies over the weekend. The rest was history.

    ‘I was working for the State Police at the time when I asked Joyce to marry me – we had only been dating for a year or less.’

    They married on a ‘terribly hot day’, but that didn’t bother the newlyweds.

    ‘I remember thinking, “lucky me”, when I saw her walk down the aisle. I still think that today.’

    Mr and Mrs Jeffree welcomed three children to their new family, one girl and two boys.

    ‘We settled down in Gilberton and made a good life for ourselves.’

    The couple shared a strong passion for travelling over the years.

    ‘We went everywhere we could! We wanted to see all of Australia, and we just about did.’

    When asked about the secret to a long, happy marriage, the couple responded, ‘Always be patient, kind and enjoy each other’s company.’

    Since 19 July 2020, the couple have enjoyed living in their double room at Resthaven Craigmore, receiving regular visits from their eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr and Mrs Jeffree.