• Volunteer Clown Delights at Resthaven Murray Bridge

    Volunteer Clown Delights at Resthaven Murray Bridge

    Volunteer, Sue South, is delighting residents at Resthaven Murray Bridge with her weekly visits as ‘Starbright’ the clown.

    Sue enjoyed a twenty year career in aged care before her retirement and subsequent volunteer role.

    ‘It was great to get back into the industry again; I was feeling like I needed to be back in the aged care sector,’ she says.

    ‘I used to work as a diversional therapist, and in Lifestyle, and in all sorts of other roles.’

    ‘Now, I visit Resthaven Murray Bridge every Wednesday as “Starbright”.’

    ‘I wander around the site, knocking on people’s doors and visiting group activities.’

    ‘Residents take one look at me and burst into laughter – they say to me, “You’re the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!” which is nice.’

    ‘A lot of residents used to do dressmaking, and they’re very interested in my costume, as it’s quite ornate.’

    ‘I visit the communal areas and we play games with balls and hoops, and sing. I sing very badly, but no one seems to mind.’

    ‘One lady is very good at singing. I have a toy bubble blower that looks like a microphone, and I hold it in front on her and she breaks out in an amazing voice, then everyone else joins in.’

    ‘I have stickers – hearts and stars and things – that I stick on people’s walkers.’

    ‘I get so much pleasure from changing people’s thoughts for a moment, perhaps helping them remember something positive.’

    ‘It’s important to me that I’m doing something of value with residents.’

    Sue can’t speak highly enough of the Resthaven Murray Bridge community, saying, ‘I think Resthaven is great, I always feel very welcomed.’

    ‘The fact that everything is running smoothly throughout the building redevelopment is quite amazing.’ [A $15m redevelopment is underway at the site – see story here.]

    ‘I’m just happy to have the opportunity to volunteer. It’s an honour and a privilege.’

    The feeling is certainly mutual, with Manager, Debbie Lindner, saying, ‘We love having Starbright here at Resthaven Murray Bridge.’

    ‘She is an absolute delight, and such a great asset to our Lifestyle team.’

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