• Volunteer Pastoral Care

    Resthaven’s Coordinating Chaplains and Chaplain’s Assistants offer a welcoming presence at all eleven residential aged care homes.

    Resthaven’s volunteer Chaplain’s Assistant team is vital in supporting each site Coordinating Chaplain to provide pastoral support to residents.

    Resthaven Chaplain AssistantResthaven Westbourne Park Chaplain’s Assistant, Joan Bennett (pictured left with Manager, Marian Greenshields), recently finished in the role. She was a valuable member of the Chaplaincy team, as was made very evident at her farewell party in late December 2017.

    Chaplain, Rev Kingsley Congdon (pictured right with Joan), who worked with Joan for many of her seven years, says, ‘Joan contributed much to our chaplaincy team by way of spiritual insight, and was always willing to learn and adapt.’Joan Bennett and Kingsley Congdon

    ‘Joan is a great asset to our pastoral care team, and I want to mention a few of the valuable gifts she has freely shared with us.’

    ‘In particular, we appreciated her sensitivity, creativity, flexibility, sociability; residents and family members, staff and volunteers all appreciated her gracious ways.’

    ‘In addition, we especially appreciated her steadiness, dedication, great sense of humour and prayer support.’

    ‘Four words come to mind when summing up Joan’s wonderful contribution to the Resthaven Westbourne Park community: she has always been, and she remains, a ‘Personal Prayerful Pastoral Presence’.’

    ‘Thank you, Joan, for every aspect of your pastoral care here at Resthaven Westbourne Park.’

    ‘God bless you now and always.’

    Coordinating Chaplain Rev Anne Butler echoed these words and spoke of the tremendous support Joan had provided to her as she took up her role at Resthaven Westbourne Park early last year.

    Thank you to Joan, and to all members of the Resthaven Chaplaincy team, for their ongoing care and support of residents’ spiritual needs.

    Resthaven’s Coordinating Chaplains collaborate closely with other members of the residential services team, providing individually-tailored emotional, religious and spiritual support to residents of all faiths – or none, respecting the dignity and sacredness of all individuals.

    They are always available to listen confidentially to the life experiences of residents, offering comfort and support.

    Resthaven was established in 1935 by the Methodist Church, and today is associated with the Uniting Church in Australia.