• Contractors

    From time to time, contractors are engaged to complete various tasks at Resthaven.

    These roles are by invitation only.

    Invitation emails to register are sent to those contractors we would like to engage.

    Resthaven Leabrook
    Resthaven Leabrook

    The following information is for approved Resthaven Contractors only

    All contractors engaged by Resthaven to undertake work at any site must first register as a new contractor via Resthaven’s online Contractor Management System (Rapid Global). This is mandatory.

    Registering requires:
    1. Providing your basic information details
    2. Completing an online survey
    3. Uploading required documents and, following our approval,
    4. Inducting your staff

    After completing the first three steps of registration, Resthaven’s System Administrator will review the information/documentation submitted and approval will be granted if Resthaven’s requirements are met.

    Only after approval, your staff are required to complete the online contractor induction via Rapid Global.

    If engaging any subcontractors to work at a Resthaven site, the principal contractor is responsible for ensuring that a subcontractor’s employees have completed the online induction under their registration and to manage inductees as a contracting company.

    Why should a contractor have to complete the course?
    • Resthaven is committed to ensuring the safety of our residents, staff, visitors and contractors. It is therefore important that you understand your obligations and the procedures we have to ensure your continued safety when working at a Resthaven site.
    • It is also a Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislative requirement to complete an appropriate induction.
    • It is mandatory for contractors and subcontractors who are performing work at any Resthaven site, to complete this online induction.

    View Resthaven’s WHS Policy Statement